The Three Types of Ducting

There are three main types of ducting. The first type is sheet metal, which is most commonly made of aluminum and galvanized steel. These materials are light and easy to install. They are also less likely to harbor harmful molds. They are also less expensive. However, this type of ducting has some drawbacks.

Flexible ducts are usually made from a flexible plastic over a metal wire coil. They are less rigid than rigid ducts, so they can fit into small spaces. They are also cheaper than rigid ducts and easier to install. However, the performance of your HVAC system can be affected if you get kinks, sags, or punctures in your ductwork. Therefore, it is important to choose the type of ducting that will best suit your specific needs and design.

Sheet metal ducting is usually made of galvanized steel or aluminum and is a durable option. These materials are also mold resistant and offer better air quality. Despite its durability, sheet metal ducts are also vulnerable to leaks in the joining sections. Because of this, you should use sheet metal ducting only when it is necessary.

Fabric ducting is another type of ducting. This type comes in a variety of colors and decorations. Some are made of non-porous fabric, which is good for applications where insulated metal ducts are not necessary. Another type is made of air-permeable fabric, which will not produce condensation. This type of ducting is good for areas where air supply is below the dew point. Porous material is also less likely to attract dust and other airborne contaminants.

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