Things to Know About Air Ducts

An air duct is a passage or conduit for air to move. They are used for ventilation, heating, and air conditioning. Typically, they deliver supply air, return air, and exhaust air. Sometimes, they deliver ventilation air as part of the supply air. Here are some things to know about air ducts.

Odors from ductwork can be caused by many factors, including paint fumes, mold, and tobacco smoke. When your furnace runs, these odors will travel throughout your house. In addition, dust from various household products can cause a musty smell. To remove these odors, you should have your ducts cleaned thoroughly.

Air ducts are commonly made of galvanized steel or aluminum. These materials are lightweight and easy to install. They come in several different sizes and shapes. They can be custom-made or ready-made, depending on the requirements of the job. Typically, custom-made ductwork is manufactured in a shop, or made on-site. It starts with tracing the duct outline onto a pre-insulated aluminium panel, then cutting it at a 45-degree angle and bending it to the desired length and width. Afterward, aluminium tape is applied to the seams to seal them musicalnepal.

While most ducts are made from bare metal, they can also be made of fabric. Fabric ducts can be available in different colors and with a range of decorative options. Fabric ducts can also be made of porous or non-porous material flowerstips. The former is usually used in applications where moisture is a problem because it will not produce any condensation on the surface. Porous materials will also repel dust and other airborne contaminants.

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