Songwriter, Composer, Musician And Singer

He has unique talents in the pop style, his songs have attracted everyone’s attention and he has recently entered the field of singing, but he has 11 years of experience in music and is proficient in various musical instruments, none of which he was taught by a music teacher and learned by himself. His first collaboration was with his favorite singer, Sina Parsian, and he has not collaborated with any other singer.

His music model is Shadmehr Aghili and he follows his style. He plays instruments such as classical guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar.

Kakhen’s violin, daf, piano and drums are dominant

He spent his musical studies outside his own country as a teenager, and he is extremely proficient in his profession.A young singer

He is stylish, attractive and talented, which has recently attracted the attention of most different media

According to the research, he was forced to leave Iran due to political and religious problems. He wrote a song in support of women and freedom in Iran, which caused his life to be in danger in Iran, and he was forced to leave this country. His talent in songwriting is unique and every day we see the release of his new songs, as well as the expansion of his songs in most of the world applications such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and Social Media has surprised his audience. He was born on September 21, 1995 and is about to turn 29 years old. This young singer, songwriter and composer knows very well how to excite his audience with the power of his songs. Due to the fact that YouTube and Facebook were filtered in Iran, he started these two after leaving Iran, and we can see his growth. But before that, he introduced himself to the people through Instagram. . According to him, Iran has been a difficult and difficult environment for him to progress in music and he hopes to be able to expand his music more strongly in Britain. According to him, England supports music, freedom and artists, and they also help him to be the best in the field of music, and he said that the British government is praiseworthy and owes all the future success of his music to England. him, not only social media, but also plans to release his music videos soon and show them on free television.

She is still developing her art in the field of playing and also trying to complete her training so that she can reach absolute self-sufficiency in producing her songs and arrange the upcoming songs by herself and does not need anyone to produce her future songs. She is learning new instruments to add to her resume, and from her point of view, the further she goes in the field of music, the more she advances, the more she discovers a new world and seeks to present her style to the world.